Our Products

Talka analytics products for customer pain point detection

For Product Managers

PMs can dig in specific strategic customer segments and listen to customers talking about their pain points in their own words

Get statistics

On pain point ranking for each customer segment.

Create product roadmaps

Based on quantitative pain point data not hints.

Understand the customers in depth

Listening to them in their own words when they talk about their pain points.

Automatic playlist of videos

Of customers talking about a specific pain point.

Find critical insights

By slicing and dicing customer segments.

Align the stakeholders around your product roadmap

By sharing video examples of customers talking about the pain points that you’re prioritizing.

For Marketing Managers

Use customer’s language to craft more effective messages

Create Compelling Ads

For any segments using the customers’ own language.

Better Ad Targeting

With keywords and sentences customers use.

More Compelling Messaging

In your website and email marketing.

Understand Customers and Segments

In depth by listening to them.