Discover customer pain points from existing video and voice conversations

Decide product prioritization based on data, not anecdotes. Get a dashboard with pain points analytics by customer segments.

Deeply Understand your Customers' Voice.

Product and Marketing Managers get business-critical insights that are currently hidden among thousands of conversations

Talka dissects conversations at scale and aggregates customer pain points in a dashboard by customer segments

Pain Points Overview

Overall summary and statistics about your customer pain points by customer segment.


Discover new insights about customer pain points for growing customer segments. Understand your customers in-depth.


View and listen to your customers talking about their pain points in their own voice with automatic playlists. Feel their pain. Use that to align your organization around your roadmap. Coach your new hires with the customers' voice.

Get structured input to the product team from the sales organization

"Detect when customers talk about pain points and classify them ... Right now it's a mess, there's not a clear structured input from sales to product"

Quote from CEO @ Saas tech startup with thousands of customers

Aligning the organization around customer pain points

"We start every product presentation with a specific customer and their specific pain point - quoted in their own words. This keeps our organization aligned and grounded in our users' needs."

Product lead at market-leading Fintech company

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For Product Managers

Use customer voice data, not hints, to prioritize your product features

Your potential new customers are already talking to your sales and customer support teams. Aggregate and summarize their pain points in their own words. For each customer segment, large or small. At scale. Deeply understand your customers.

Use these insights for your product feature roadmaps and presentations. That's more powerful than surveys or single customer anecdotes.

For Marketing Managers

Create more effective marketing messages using your customers' own words

More compelling messages. Retarget each individual customer or niche customer segment using the expressions that they use to describe their pain points. Better messaging and better Ads targeting.

For Developers

Low cost ASR and conversational insights models

As part of our platform we developed high performance ASR models at a fraction of the cost per hour than commercial systems like Amazon Transcribe. We also created models for unique conversational insights.

How does it work?

We get your previously recorded video and audio calls with customers and we output a customer pain point dashboard


Existing video and audio calls with your customers (from your Sales and Customer research organizations). We can get them from Zoom, Gong, Chorus, Call Centers or any other system that records the customer call interactions.
A list of market segmentation dimensions that you care about (customer size, acquisition channel, customer industry, ...)


Our multi-modal AI Models analyze the full audio, semantics and conversational patterns to detect when the customers are talking about pain points and we aggregate them per customer segment.


Dashboard with an overview of the key customer pain points for each market segment

Automatic video/audio playlists for each pain point with specific examples by customer segment

Statistics and trends for customer segments and other market breakdowns