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Know the exact moment you won or lost a deal

With Talka, easily record sales calls to decipher your customer's body language and predict deal success.

Talka Insights
Pinpoint the exact moment you won or lost a deal

Talka automatically records your sales calls

with easy calendar integration or by uploading existing recordings, in any language.

Talka’s AI reveals the unspoken

by decoding body language, facial expressions, gestures, and speech.

Talka’s insights help you close faster

by prioritizing your deals and highlighting customer reactions.

You don’t have to change for us.
Talka integrates with your existing tools so you can get started right away.

Made for Global Teams
Talka supports any language

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Close more by focusing on the right deals

Talka predicts the winning probability by analyzing facial expressions, body language, and speech.

Talka for Sales Reps


Upskill your sales team

Body language accounts for up to 80% of the impact in a sales meeting. Coach your team using Talka's unique conversational features.

Talka for Sales Managers

FOR Head of sales

Superhuman revenue forecasts

Trust your revenue forecasts with Talka's AI-powered success predictor, crafted by former Google AI and DeepMind experts. Our model leverages over 100 audiovisual patterns to accurately predict deal-closing probabilities.

Talka for Head of Sales


Pinpoint the exact moment you won or lost a deal

Talka charts your win probability during the meeting and highlights why it dropped or spiked. Follow-up by doubling down on engaging moments. Address the drops to recover deals that seemed lost.

Talka for Sales Reps


Maximize your revenue with the same team

Increase your close ratio and boost your team's productivity by focusing on the most promising deals and deprioritizing deals that would waste your team's time

Talka for Sales Managers
Don’t worry about your client's reaction to recording the meeting
- Meeting recording is standard practice in B2B SaaS sales
- Most clients will be glad to get access to the recording

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