Talka named as one of the most promising ai companies by CB Insights
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For Product Managers

PMs can dig in specific strategic customer segments and listen to customers talking about their pain points in their own words

FOR head of sales

Focus your sales org on the deals that matter

Increase your close ratio and team productivity by focusing on the deals with the highest win probability - based on customer body language.

Maximize your revenue with the same team

Boost sales productivity by cutting out wasted time on unlikely deals. The Talka Score predicts the outcome of a deal with 80%+ accuracy - based on the first video meeting with a qualified lead.

Elevate your team performance with conversational coaching

Body language accounts for up to 80% of the impact in a sales meeting. Talka provides metrics on over 30 soft skills, like smiling, nodding, expressive hand gestures, and active listening. Get coachable moments for each team member at scale.

Forecast revenue with superhuman accuracy

Move beyond traditional forecasting methods with Talka's AI-powered success predictor, crafted by former Google AI and DeepMind experts. Our model leverages over 100 audiovisual patterns beyond text to accurately predict deal-closing probabilities.

Create data-driven product roadmaps

Aggregate and summarize customer's pain points in their own words. For each customer segment, large or small. At scale.

Understand the customers in depth

By understanding your customers' pain points, you can tailor your products and services to better meet their needs.

Get statistics

Quickly identify which pain points are most important to each segment and prioritize them accordingly.

Find critical insights

Find the most important insights about your customers, slice and dice your data into different segments based on any attribute or combination of attributes.

Automatic playlist of videos

Create playlists that automatically select relevant videos to your consumers' requirements.

Align stakeholders around your product roadmap

Share video examples of customers talking about their pain points, and use that feedback to inform your product roadmap.

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